To fight Menstrual Poverty, three factors are needed:

• Dignity of access to blood collection products • Basic sanitation,

• Menstrual Education (UNICEF, UNESCO, 2021).

MENSTRUAL EDUCATION brings the ovulation and menstruation cycle in a positive, natural way. Demystifying taboos and promoting self-knowledge and self-confidence.

Immerse yourself in Alice's Secrets, a contemporary and unique methodology*

Menstrual Education and Natural Gynaecology through the "Wonderland" characters 

for all people who menstruate and ovulate. 

* Alice's secrets is a production of the GEMAS 

research group from the Faculty of Public Health at USP/SP.

A unique didactic!

Scientific content represented in an intriguing way that’s easy to understand. 


Menstrual Education

Alice is not a princess; she doesn't need an emotional relationship for the story to have a happy ending. It's the journey of every curious, brave, independent, and opinionated person.

The journey of Alice in Wonderland's story has been told and retold, but this time it's in an unusual way!

Imagine that each character is a part of the female body, which will take you into the Wonderland of female physiology and the knowledge of natural gynaecology.

The story invites you to awaken an Alice inside you. On each page, Alice appears to represent a different person, and her face never appears. Do you know why? Everyone can be Alice!

For Alice's Secrets, we are all Alices!

What is the difference between Menstrual Education and Sex Education?

Natural Gynecology

Menstruation is a natural process that demonstrates that a body is healthy.

The female cycle is physiological, monthly, and involuntary - whilst sexuality is a choice.

Menstrual Education is rarely discussed, taught in schools or at home. Usually, we women learn from each other. Taboos surround menstruation. It is veiled, hidden, and hardly taught in depth.

We grew up hating PMS. For many of us, menstruation limits our routines. If people knew the potency of their hormones, they could use each phase to their own benefit.

Menstrual Education is also much more than knowing one's organs. It is self-care, hygiene, deciding on the methods of collecting blood, knowing one's fluids, mucus, etc.

In Sexual Education, information associated with the development of sexuality, gender and relationship issues is provided. Ideally, it should be offered naturally and positively.

Often, in schools, Sex Education is associated with contraceptive methods, prevention of STIs (sexually transmitted infections), HIV and more.

"Alice's Secrets, by Bia Fioretti, is a beautiful poetic metaphor for the female body. When I was in school, I never had the opportunity to observe my body beautifully. I was delighted with the possibilities that this book opened up. Through this work, I understood that I could learn by observing my body and understanding my cycles. This book is an invitation to self-love and self-knowledge.


 In this story, anyone can be Alice!
Self-knowledge is a protective factor against violence and vulnerability! 

Do you want to travel through the female body, hormones, 

menstruation and self-knowledge and know all ALICE'S SECRETS?

Over 1300+ people were impacted in person.

High school and technical students from a private school getting to know Alice's Secrets. They all received the book at the end of the lecture.

"I had the opportunity to bring Bia to speak to the students at Etec Pirituba. It was such an enlightening moment for the students and students. Her language and approach were very professional and, at the same time, clear and generous. Schools need to bring this theme to their students, and Bia is the ideal person to do so”. 

Eliane Leite Alcantara Malteze -
CEO and Founder of Uzoma Diversity  

CLaunch and lecture Os Segredos de Alice  Salvador/Bahia, April 2022

 Campinas, São Paulo

Pirituba-São Paulo

 Campinas, São Paulo

São Paulo, zona Oeste

ONG AFAGO - Vila Nova Cachoeirinha - Zona Sul/SP

“Her course was a milestone. My words are extremely sincere. As a mother, it makes me even more emotional to have found you before my Alice got her period." Priscila, Regulation Director of Primary, Medium and High Complexity Health Care" 

Priscila,  Diretora de Regulação de Atenção Basica, Média e Alta Complexidade em Saúde

Course: "Social Biopsychic Aspects of Adolescence", for managers and health professionals

CLaunch and lecture Os Segredos de Alice at Livraria da Vila - São Paulo

Lecture My Cycles My Rules®, from the project Os Segredos de Alice®, supporting the fight against violence against girls, Ruth Cardoso Cultural Center - Vila Nova Cachoeirinha - Zona Norte- SP.

A conversation about self-knowledge for women who suffered violence – SP

An initiative of distribution of FEMIX reusable sanitary pads and conversation about Hormonal Cycles - Jardim Pedreira, SP

Bia Fioretti

Bia Fioretti is a PhD in Public Health Sciences from the University of São Paulo (USP) and a Master in Internal Medicine and Therapeutics from the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP). She is currently studying Integral Sexual Education at the Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO / Argentina) and fostering Menstrual Education courses worldwide.

She worked in the job market for twenty years as a publicist, designer, illustrator, photographer, and documentary filmmaker. She also worked at the Ministry of Health, collaborating with the Department of Women's Health. The book Alice's Secrets was inspired by the late menarche of her daughter, Livia. For 15 years, she has dedicated herself to giving lectures and workshops on female cycles using Alice's metaphor.

Bia believes in the power of all phases of the cycles, from menarche to menopause. Its purpose is to bring scientific information, menstrual edition and natural gynaecology in a didactic and playful way so that all people can make their choices based on knowledge.

Want to know more about Bia Fioretti's journey? Click on the video below.